Arsenal star compares ‘calm’ Wenger and ‘electric’ Klopp


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has compared “electric” Jurgen Klopp to “calm” Arsene Wenger.

Aubameyang joined Arsenal for a club-record fee of £56million in January.

The Gabon international has scored six goals and has one assist in eight games, starting life in north London well.

He is understandably yet to reach the goalscoring heights he hit at Borussia Dortmund, first under Klopp and then with Thomas Tuchel as his manager.

Asked the compare the three bosses by Sky Sports, Aubameyang gave glowing reviews of each.

“They are three coaches that are very different,” he said.

“Klopp was electric. Tuchel was a bit of madness, and Arsene Wenger is someone who is very calm, very composed. So three very different profiles.

“With all three of them, so far, everything has gone well. With Arsene Wenger, it’s going well right now. And, I don’t really know how to compare them given how they are three very different people, but three big coaches who are proving it right now, be it Klopp at Liverpool or Arsene right now.

“I think that with Tuchel things went well because he understood me. He used to tell me that he liked my lifestyle. He is someone who had a bit of craziness because he could invent a way of playing during a match – and you ask yourself, is that going to work? And it works.”

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