Has anyone beaten Liverpool in the transfer window?


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Another conclusion after our 16
And that is why Spurs will never be part of the elite of European football…
Tony Vinnuci (LFC4L)

Blame Hugo
Dear 365

Just got back from Wembley. Deeply disappointing. Before the game, if my missus had asked, I’d have said we were likely to lose. But what has been most disappointing is the manner of the loss. For all the pundits crowing about City and how good they are, they didn’t so much win this match as we gave it to them… and more than anyone else, Hugo Lloris laid out a red carpet for them.

I’m sure Spurs fans will fill the mailbox with complaints about why Lucas and Son weren’t starting over Lamela, or why Toby is not even given a sniff of the first team, whether Sanchez had a bad night or not and how poor Dele was on the night, and Harry Kane looked out of sorts. But all three goals conceded were Hugo’s fault.

You couldn’t see it on the telly. I could see it from my seat in the stadium. First goal, the ball comes in long and what you can’t see on TV is that Lloris started to come. He then hesitates and backtracks. By the time you see him on screen, he’s dropping. His indecision didn’t help Sanchez and in the middle of it all, Jesus was left with an easy finish.

Moments later, and possibly aware of his lack of decisiveness in the previous encounter, Lloris hares off his line at great pace when he had no need to be out there, takes Sterling down and penalty. Whether it was inside the box or outside is immaterial. Lloris had no business being out there in the first place. It was a reckless decision to dash out to the corner of the box.

Third goal (and Lloris did this a couple of times in the game, this wasn’t the only time) An initial stop isn’t dealt with strongly enough and bounces out to a City player. Sterling could have had another one a few minutes before. He wasn’t going to miss again.

Don’t get me wrong. Hugo Lloris is clearly a very talented goalkeeper. He’s kept us in more games than I care to remember. But right now, he’s not playing well and even worse, he’s making some huge mistakes. If Poch is truly picking players on the basis of form and effort, Vorm should be starting against Brighton on Tuesday.
Father Dave, THFC, Kent

We need a new goalie.
Dave, Winchester Spurs

Like a Virgil
Another cruise for Liverpool, which gave me a lot of thinking time. One thing I pondered was, where would Liverpool be had Virgil joined in the Summer? We’ve now lost the least amount of games in all competitions vs the rest of the top 6, but our downfall has been the amount of avoidable draws due to the odd lapse of concentration. Either way, I suppose we will find out next year whether this team can challenge consistently.
Tariq, LFC (That was Ox’s best performance in a Liverpool shirt)

Liverpool had the best summer window
Another great performance from Liverpool. Oxlade Chamberlain in particular, what a performance. It made me think that Liverpool have done the best summer of business by far. Ox, Salah, Robertson have all been awesome and bought at what now seems such a low price. Add in VVD in the winter who has done wonders for the defence and to me it seems the signings Liverpool have made have been brilliant and been the best by any club in the league. The future is looking is so very bright for Liverpool football club.
MickT Liverpool

Most surprising relegated trio?
Afternoon Mailbox,

Random thought, but if Southampton, West Brom and Stoke (or even two of those three) get relegated this season, will this be the most surprising relegation trio in the Premier League era? Or indeed any era?

Looking back at ‘Premier League odds previews’ from before the start of the season, there were 7 teams priced as more likely to be relegated than West Brom, 9 more likely than Stoke and 12 more likely than Southampton…

Now, perhaps I am being a little premature and it is possible that Southampton and/or Stoke could still survive, but even if one of them does and the other goes down with West Brom, would they be two of the least likely relegated teams in recent Premier League history?

If one casts their mind back to the start of the season, with Tony Pulis in charge of West Brom, Huges at Stoke and Pellegrino at Southampton, could anyone really have envisaged these three being favourites for the drop in mid April? Sounds a bit silly now, but I expect most would have expected all three to be fine and the likes of Brighton, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Burnley (who were 3rd favourites for the drop!), Palace and Swansea to be fighting it out.. Not all those teams are safe, but they are in better positions than most would have expected last August.

Perhaps I am forgetting some obvious examples, but it feels like the relegation fight this year is a truly unusual one.

Well there is the customary Gross substitution…I like the way that sounds too.

Well called F365.
Manc in SA (it’s been an enjoyable game to watch)

All hail Degs
Degsy you beauty
! Tiger Roll! Made my weekend. Thanks!
Mike, LFC, Dubai

Degsy won me the Grand National. First time since I was a teenager. And it’s my birthday tomorrow. Brilliant.

You might get a few of these BUT…

Thank you Degsy for the tip on the Grand national…nice bit of money for drinks tonight now!!
Chris H

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